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cat-models: Do you remember that list you reblogged about the way to read the discworld saga? Is there some way you could possibly easily find it/tell me where to find it? That would be A+ amazing cause I really want to read the saga.


I can’t find it but I have literally every single book over and over, and love them all dearly, so I’ll try to explain it! Although all the books are set in the same world, in roughly the same time period, each book follows a specific group of characters, so the end result is more like a few different sets of novels. They’re still obviously in the same world, and cameos by characters from other sets aren’t uncommon, but the various storylines aren’t really dependent on each other, so you can pick a set of characters that sounds interesting and work through those novels. There are also a few stand-alones, with characters that are only showcased once. I’m going to leave out the young adult novels and the side novels for now, because this is already going to be a monster of a post. Also, most of these are pretty good on their own, so if you want to just pick a book that sounds interesting, you’re pretty safe going from there.

The books are generally grouped into the City Watch, the Witches/Tiffany Aching), Death/Susan, Moist Von Lipwig, and Rincewind. A quick run-down of each:

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my favorite tidbit about rome is that in the mid-1800s one of the popes didnt like the statues in rome having dicks so he ordered them knocked off. fast forward to the last decade or so and art historians in conjunction with the vatican are trying to erm. restore. the statues. but the dicks were just. kept in a box. so art historians are going around rome, with a box of dicks, trying to match them up to their owner.

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Headcanons about how Natasha Romanoff is a massive dork


  • A lot of Natasha’s mysterious reputation around SHIELD stems from the fact that she sometimes doesn’t know how to end a conversation so she’ll dive away Batman style when the other person’s back is turned.
  • Whenever Natasha walks into a room, she immediately ranks everyone in it from most to least threatening, then favorite to least favorite. For the second list, no one can match Tony’s ability to go from a respectable placing to dead last in the span of one sentence.
  • She’ll watch any movie with “shark” in the title, provided the movie is also objectively terrible.
  • Natasha loves emojis.
  • Natasha genuinely enjoyed spending time with Pepper while investigating Tony, but once her mission was over, Natasha immediately disappeared to avoid the awkwardness of the “so hey, I was undercover and everything I told you about myself was a lie” conversation. Then Maria starts working at Stark Industries and arranges power lunches that seem a lot like the three women getting mimosas and complaining about their day, and now Natasha and Pepper have a standing dinner date every time they’re in the same city.
  • She changes her hair so often for the novel joy of being able to choose what she looks like. Natasha has liked all her hairstyles, except that one perm which we don’t talk about or acknowledge existed, Clint, don’t you dare show those pictures to Steve.
  • She knows it’s childish, but Natasha identifies to an uncomfortable degree with any robot character who seems to be programmed to experience emotion, especially if the humans around them doubt the robot really feels anything. (It’s not like she’s written anything down about it, she’s not that sad, but for the past decade Natasha has been working on this version of Blade Runner where it’s this replicant who’s the hero, and she ends up escaping Earth and heads off to explore alien planets with a mech-shark she stole from the Tyrell Corporation, it sounds dumb but it’s actually very exciting and oh god, Natasha is that sad.)
  • Once Natasha left her phone on Sam’s kitchen table. When she came back two minutes later, Sam and Steve had managed to take eighty-two selfies. She kept them all. It’s embarrassing how happy they make her.
  • But it’s more embarrassing to Sam and Steve when Natasha shows the selfies to Maria and Pepper at lunch, and that makes Natasha pretty happy too. 

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Notice only 20 shades of gray

It’s been proven that women actually have an acute ability to pick up subtle differences in colors

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do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking

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sleepy hollow + tumblr text posts.

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I really don’t give a flying fuck what any given trans woman does or does not do. Trans women being in men’s prisons and denying any trans person transition-related care are both unethical and abusive. Systematic oppression should never be a punishment. It is cruel. Fuck this transmisogynist smear campaign and all it’s implications. 

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*everyone reblogs posts about the prison industrial complex*

*incarcerated transwoman that disposed of a dead body asked to be treated as a woman*

yall: thats too much to ask for 

She did not just dispose of a body , she raped and murdered a 13 year old girl.She is turned on by murder and wants to fuck Son of Sam, how much depraved can you get. And the fact that you are dismissing the young life of Ebony, you know just the body she disposed of, is sickening. If anything people should be protective of, it is the CHILDREN! RIP Ebony 


She claims that before she met Eddie, she’d had sex with some of the most notorious rapists and killers in the New York prison system. “It seems that my only attractions are to society’s sickest and most twisted lowlifes,”she wrote in a letter to me. “I’m actually hoping to be incarcerated with the Son of Sam so I can sleep with him while awaiting my sex-change outcome in the courts.” And that fetish suits Eddie just fine: “I liked that she(Synthia) was excited by my murders. It was a little plus for us. She used to put the zodiac sign all over her cell as a tribute to me. I’d see one and say, ‘Is that a new one?’ And she’d say yes. It flattered me.”

She didn’t rape her she was acquitted of that charge because the lack of evidence and the lack of the witness credibility did you even read or look into or did you read some article written some fucking white rad fem looking to further their violent agenda against trans women

this is why i hate white people they don’t know shit about shit if you’re in a gang and somebody tells you to catch this body or to clean the scene you don’t ask fucking questions you do or else you die it kills me when  white women throw their weight around in conversations they largely know nothing about if she didn’t clean that shit thats her head and you really expect the police or whoever to protect a trans woc if she would have came forward?? Ima be clear i don’t absolve her of her crimes nor am i dismissing the severity and the lost of life but systematic oppression and dehumanization as capitol punishment isn’t something i can ever get behind, sorry

  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT RAPE EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. There was never any evidence to support the allegation that she did, and she was acquitted after witnesses discredited the claim.

  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT MURDER EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. She had no role in the murder whatsoever - she was called upon to clean up the scene, and could have faced serious repercussions had she not done it.
  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST IS A LIFELONG SURVIVOR OF INCARCERATION. She was first incarcerated when she was 16 years old, and has endured 22 years of sexual abuse, solitary confinement, constant harassment by law enforcement, and deprivation of needed care. By submitting her statement to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project for Laverne to read, she put herself at tremendous personal risk for the sake of speaking out against the violences committed against her and other trans women of color in & out of prison.

Given these facts, what TWEFs are doing here should be obvious. Laverne Cox, and the woman she is giving voice to, are trans women of color taking a stand against the mass incarceration and institutional abuse of trans women of color. TWEFs, due to their dogged loyalty to transmisogyny and white supremacy, are deeply invested in the mass incarceration and institutional abuse of trans women of color. To the end of derailing resistance, they are callously leveraging (a) the death of a young girl, & (b) the discourse that trans women of color are physically and sexually violent, against both Laverne and Synthia. It’s shameful, evil, transparent shit.

Signal boost the shit out of this post, make your own posts to help spread the word, and do your part to actively rebuff & discredit the violent claims being made against these two women. DON’T BE COMPLICIT IN THIS CAMPAIGN AGAINST LAVERNE & SYNTHIA!!! “

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someone on metafilter figured out that the ferguson PD is running the support darren wilson gofundme

Just read through ALL of this…these people are INCREDIBLY organized and have collected almost every piece of information out - and they are asking some amazing questions.


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